For Us: Welcome to The Curative Man

Hello. Welcome. Grab a seat.

For the better part of the last three years I have sat in wonder of if, how, and when I might regain a sense of comfort in the digital world. I don’t know what changed or when, exactly. I used to love it here. I used to consider myself a proud over-sharer and someone who could use that “brave” content and authenticity to cultivate and foster meaningful personal connection.

I thought I could fake it until I made it. I thought that the daily perpetuance of mantras and Positive Psychology teachings would simultaneously engrain those lessons into the fiber of my being. I also felt (read: knew), in doing so, that I was actively and successfully distracting (myself and others) from the day-to-day fear that comes with being a young, oftentimes struggling entrepreneur.

It worked. My time online was like time spent in my own personal social cocoon. I could be or project the energy and personality I wished to be feeling or seen as and in many ways used that persona to prop myself up—personally and professionally. People would find me in public spaces and events (remember those?) and introduce themselves while complementing my “chronic positivity” and thanking me, from like the noticeable bottom of their hearts, for my reliable responsiveness to their daily inquiries.

But, this wasn’t any more authentic than it was sustainable. The more our worlds went digital, the more our network became our networth, the more bankrupt I became.

The last three years have been the most profound learning and evolutionary experiences in my collective human existence. Through self-awareness, -compassion, and self-love I’ve regained focus of my most authentic self and the ability, courage, and strength to pursue and share it again—in a way that has been void of me for more than a decade.

That was the catalyst for this blog. I firmly believe that I’ve been put on this planet to connect with people in a deep and meaningful way. I believe that every experience and traumatic loss I’ve had throughout my life, from watching my sister die at six-years-old to my constant battle against major depression, these moments are building blocks in, not an inhibitive wall, but a welcoming archway to which I serve as the keystone (for many, not all) in the welcoming journey towards enlightenment.

The Curative Man is me, Eric Michael, yes, but you are a Curative {wo}Man, too. This new site will give me free agency to share unabridged experiences, articles, and opinions as they relate to personal and professional development. And I hope they, these articles and experiences, do the work they’re intended to do: to motivate and inspire you to join me in living your happiest, healthiest, most-free(est) life possibe. I can’t guarantee you intoxicating positivity but I can promise you the most accurate, authentic, and honest representation of self.

Some of the updates you can look forward to: The team and I are hard at work on a new podcast series in which, through casual weekly conversations with new guests, we’ll bridge the connection between the personal and professional. I am also nesting pretty hard, refurnishing my home, working to establish and grow a true sense of community, fostering romantic relationships, diving head-first into plant medicine, and working on my first #VanLife build.

Welcome aboard,